What Are Lead Lighting Strips And How To Use Them?

LED tape or LED strip is a flexible lighting system that offers endless potentials. LED lighting strips are successive rows of LED that have been fused together with resistors to create a circuit. When supplied by a driver or power supply, the LEDs create a coherent light, just like a fluorescent lamp. LEDs are low in voltage and require a direct supply of electricity, which is usually around 12 to 24-volts DC. When the strips connect to the main voltage power source, the LED driver power supply should be used. The length of the strip and wattage determine its power.

LED strips come in three types, with the first a non-waterproof strip. This is the most basic and fragile version of LEDs as these are placed on a piece of plastic or card with no cover for protection. The next one is silicone coated, which is rated at IP65 and waterproof. It is made up of the same rows of LEDs but are covered by a clear thin silicone layer. The third version and the best LED lighting strips are the epoxy coated LED strips. It offers utmost protection of the LEDs as these are secured and placed in the epoxy resin. It’s a waterproof, self-adhesive version and is rated at IP65. This type of LED strips infuses an epoxy version, which make it a great option.

LED strips had been used in commercial applications for several years; but until recentlyit was deemed too pricey and perplexed for home usage. As the price of LEDs progressively decrease due to a growing demand and massive production, one can now buy LED lighting strips for home use. They are now easy to order, and offer plug and play kits for consumers to fit it themselves. More people are now recognizing the full potentialsof what LED strips can offer.

To control LED lighting strip, one may need to use the simple on/off switch, use a remote control, or through computer software access via a DMX decoder. More advanced ways include controlling the lights via an iPhone or other smartphones, which allow dimming or shifting to a new colour of the strip from anywhere in the house.