What Makes Up A 5-Star Hotel

The system used for star rating of hotels is a simple way of defining a certain hotel’s overall quality though there might be difference in every country. Every country has a system being followed when ranking hotels which is put in place by the proper governing bodies such as tourism organization or government departments.

There is no single system used as an international standard by hotels located all over the globe but stars are definitely a way to determine the level of service of a hotel, the amenities offered, the location, price as well as cleanliness.

For one-star hotels, available options for rooms are only the most basic ones. In the United Kingdom, a hotel will be qualified as one star if there are five bedrooms available for renting. The place must be open every day of the week and there must be staff available during daytime that will receive as well as check in the guests. There are cases where the bathrooms are only for sharing and most of these hotels do not have a restaurant or bar where customers can dine. Vending machines are usually found in these places.

For two-star hotels, the rooms are still basic but some already have television and telephones inside the room. There are suites with private bathrooms and a restaurant or bar for dining in. cleanliness is also higher compared to previous star rating establishments including the maintenance and the services offered.

Three-star hotels usually have more room categories available. There are basic amenities such as a restaurant, a gym as well as a conference room. In the United Kingdom, hotels are classified in this category of guests can go in and out of the property at all times without the use of a key. Room service and Wifi must also be available.

Four-star hotels are expected to have higher quality in all departments. More room options to choose from including suites. A number of options for dining must be available as well as business facilities. There must also be a gym and a swimming pool. The room service is 24 hours and there are staffs always on duty at all times.

For five-star hotels, everything is better compared to a four-star facility. Just like a 5 star hotel in Hua Hin, the overall service must be of exceptional level. There is a very high standard followed when it comes to cleanliness, delivery of service, maintenance as well as hospitality from the staffs. It has a lot more to offer in terms of amenities and facilities.