Wheelchair Duo Pursue South America

Polish friends Michał Woroch and Maciej Kamiński will not let wheelchairs prevent them from an adventure. Anyone who calls the duo wheelchair-bound seems misleading. The two friends are definitely not stuck.

They have photographed distant locales. They already road-tripped through Europe. They ditched their wheels and went horseback riding to get to remote communities. Next week, they are bound for South America. They will start their journey from one end of its continent to another.


Winning the 2015 Andrzej Zawada Award

Woroch and Kamiński are both around their early 30’s. They formed a very strong pitch to the yearly Kolosy travel and exploration awards’ jury. They took home the 2015 Andrzej Zawada Award which was named after a famous Polish mountaineer. This award is given to recipients who are under thirty-five and are able to present a unique expedition proposal. It also includes a grant that will assist with their expedition to Tour South America this November.

Piotr Chmielinski, a Polish kayaker, was one of the jury. He told Phythom how Woroch and Kamiński changed his and the other jury’s scepticism to enthusiasm for their South America idea within five minutes.


Woroch and Kamiński’s South America expedition plan

They will fly to Buenos Aires from Poland. Then, they will get a 1996 Land Rover which was converted making it entirely drivable by hand. The vehicle has lifts so they will be able to get to the driver’s seat as well as to its rooftop which is also a tent platform.

They will go to Cape Horn. They will be driving near the Pacific coast to the Peruvian Amazon to visit some local shamans. They might also go to Costa Rica and to the United States. Chmielinski mentioned that the two were able to secure their US tourist visas.


About Woroch and Kamiński

They met in Bydgoszcz at a physical therapy clinic more than 10 years ago. The two friends both share a passion to challenge the usual misconceptions. They drove to Europe in 2012. In 3 months, they managed to go to 13 countries. They have a website that chronicles their adventure.