When Limousines Parade At Hollywood

At premium wedding limousine hire services in Perth, the simple process of booking for a wedding limo is made easier. Wedding couples who want to make a statement need not look any further because there are Chrysler and Hummer limos to choose from. On the other hand, limo service is not only in high demand for wedding parties; it is also the choice when celebrities attend special events like the Oscars.

Last February, people on the streets of Los Angeles were treated to a parade of limousines on their way to the Dolby Theater. More than a dozen blocks surrounding Hollywood Avenue were closed to traffic as more than a thousand limousines waited patiently to drop off their clients. At the best of times, parking at Hollywood is already difficult. Where do these limousines park after their passengers have gotten off to walk the red carpet?

The answer to that is the Hollywood Bowl which a famous concert venue north of the theater. It is a very convenient area to easily recall the limousines when it is time to go home for winners and losers. The parking space becomes a top attraction due to the stream of classy cars. Many of the limos are hired by production companies and studios and not the individual actors and actresses.

Minimum rental for a limo is about $140 to $425 (£90 – £275) per hour depending on the type of limo whether it is a stretch limo, an SUV, sedan or a Rolls Royce. Over enthusiast fans and paparazzi cannot enter the Hollywood Bowl without an official parking pass that has a number.

Cooperation and not competition is the goal of the limousine providers because every car in town will be booked and they have to join forces to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Behind the tinted windows of the limos are the goodies which are meticulously prepared by the drivers. Creating a good impression will determine the size of their tips.

Of course, special requirements come with extra costs. For example, a well-known actor wants a special route for the limo to take so that he will have enough time to meditate. Others request for incense, peanuts, juice and hard candy aside from the champagne that is always ready.