When There Is Mountains Of Snow, Welders Are Happy

MIG welders can be used on a wide range of applications that require a wide variety of metals with different thicknesses. It goes without saying that the MIG welder must be chosen carefully according to the thickness of the metals that will be welded. Many people choose the MIG welder because of its high productivity and low cost welding process. Less operator skill is required in MIG welding compared to stick welding.

Lots of snow means more work for welders. People complain of broken snow plows and snow blowers and welders are happy. Brycen Mains of Mains Welding in Carnduff can’t help but smile when he sees so much snow on the roads.

According to Brycen, welders were awfully busy this year. He was able to fix 7 snow blowers in 10 days. He even worked during Boxing Day (January 1). Three quarters of his work was tied to clearing leases. Last year, there was not enough snow to clear but his year it was different. By early January, Carnduff had mountains of snow all over town.

It is usually the fan housing that wears out in the snow blower and most of time, it needs to be replaced. In a typical snow blower repair, Brycen has to bend all the new plates to get inside the machine. In his shop, you will also find a big four-wheel drive tractor that requires repairs to its blades. It is a difficult task that usually takes two days to complete.

Brycen has no reason to complain because business is good. The guys in the shop are happy and satisfied because they are too busy. Mains Welding has 5 people on his staff, including himself. He has two journeymen welders and three apprentices. Brycen handles drilling rig work. Each well requires a welder to come twice to weld the bowl and then to cut the intermediate casting.

If you are planning to buy a MIG welder, make sure that the product has been produced with the highest quality. Since there is no single welding machine that is suitable for all applications, choose according to your specific needs and the welding skills required to operate the machine.