Which Part in Bangkok to Rent a Boutique Serviced Apartment in Sukhumvit

Do you know some place in Bangkok to rent? In a Bangkok serviced apartment, what facilities and services can I expect? Do you know the best-serviced apartments in the area? Below you will have some simple and easy guide to finding a boutique-serviced apartment in Sukhumvit that will suit travellers or expats coming to Bangkok.

As the Centre of Southeast Asia

Bangkok is the commercial centre of Thailand and a hub for business and leisure travel in Southeast Asia. In here, you will find extraordinary hotels of all types which cater to the business elite and casual traveler.

Just recently, a new type of accommodation has been favored by many business executives for a short stay in Bangkok, and this is the luxury serviced apartments. This has become the favourite choice of those living in style as they are really affordable.

What’s So Special about Bangkok Serviced Apartments?

Many relocation and real estate agents believe that Bangkok has so many boutique serviced apartment in Sukhumvit that they can offer. They do not only number one or two luxurious apartments, but close to 50. In Thailand, skilled labour is inexpensive, and besides, the city is a major business hub for the southeast Asia region.

It can be a daunting task to rent a serviced apartment in Bangkok due to several reasons. The main reason can be having a ‘fine print’ and extra costs when signing a weekly, monthly or yearly contract. You also need to know the services included and what to expect in your stay in Bangkok.

The Best Areas to Live in Bangkok

Bangkok has everything you need from inexpensive to exclusive apartments. To find the best ones, they are located in Sukhumvit, Asok, Thong Lo, Sathorn, Silom, Ploenchit, and Chit Lom. These areas are provided with easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, skytrains, trains and expressways. Having to live in one of these areas will make you experience the thriving business and shopping centres in Bangkok. If you want the classiest areas in Bangkok, Asok and Chit Lom are highly recommendable. If you want to stay close to the night markets, Silom is perfect. In a boutique serviced apartment in Sukhumvit, you will have an exciting and interesting experience.