Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes?

It is very likely for a family that is relocating to buy boxes for moving online because it more convenient. Delivery is within 1 to 3 business days meaning you do not have to wait long to pack all your stuff. Aside from the packing boxes, packaging materials and accessories are also available from bubble wraps, clear plastic tape rolls with their own dispensers and white packing paper.

Once you have removed the personal stuff from the moving boxes, you find your cat squeezing itself inside the box. The size of the cardboard box doesn’t matter because your cat will always manage to squeeze itself into the smaller boxes. Cats find the cardboard boxes as a comfortable location for a nap. Cats will go to great lengths in pursuit of a box no matter if the space is seemingly impossible to accommodate the cat’s bulk.

There are photographs on Twitter wherein a cat found itself a brand new home on the Amazon box used to ship books. The image of the cat was extremely delightful because it feels that it is more than okay even if it was a bit of a squeeze to fit inside the box. Shoeboxes look extremely uncomfortable but cats don’t think so. Your empty Converse shoe box is considered by the pet cat as an ideal place to be cozy.

Cats do not care whether there is no food inside the box. They do not mind that there are no pillows or any sort of bedding. They never complain as long as it is a box. Even scientists do not fully understand why cats have this certain affinity for boxes.

The most popular theory is that cats are instinctively attracted to boxes because they represent security and shelter from predators. Cats can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day inside boxes because they believe it is a hidden place that increases their chances of survival.

Next time you buy boxes for moving, do spare a box for your feline friend so that is can enjoy a comfortable sleep. Make sure though that the box with your sleeping cat will not get mixed with the rest your stuff inside the moving van.