Why Truck Wraps Are Important

When the AC Electrical Contractors Ltd. re-branded and wrapped their 4 service trucks using a new design, it was a risk.

Hellen Alafogiannis together with her husband Nicolas owns the business, and she mentioned that they have been in the business ever since 1991. At some point, they switched from the commercial electrical work to the residential work and home installations which is a large market.

Re-branding and wrapping their service trucks

Alafogiannis mentioned that they wanted to reflect their business on to their trucks in a way that is professional looking, simple and clean but also cute. She also added that for anyone driving past a vehicle or truck, there is a window of only a few seconds to get a message across and be memorable, and this is why people should not be bombarded with too much information.

AC went to 10West Commercial Graphics to avail of wrapping services for their 4 trucks. The company’s owner suggested for them to have a design first developed with Graphic D-Signs, Inc.

Alafogiannis said that it cost them money, and it was a great risk for them. They desired to invest in their brand, and their instincts told them to pursue with the redesign.

The agency owner, Dan Antonelli was contracted by Alafogiannis to create a retro-modern design for AC’s signs, ads and business cards. An ‘anthropomorphic appliance plug’ mascot is the design’s focal point. The wrap design was also simple and incorporated the mascot, their business name, website, phone number and the “Your Home Electricians” phrase that highlights their residential focus.

Truck wraps help with the company’s image

Alafogiannis said that during their first year, the trucks generated additional sales in order to pay for the wraps. They also screen their calls and ask the people how they knew about the company. Many say that they came across the trucks driving by or parked.

The company only has 5 electricians but she said that the trucks created an image of a larger company.


This is just an evidence of a risk generating a positive outcome. Services for a car signage in Sydney can help those companies looking to re-brand and wrap their vehicles to promote their business. Sometimes, a leap of faith is all it takes.