Women’s Charity Ball To Replace A Romantic Wedding

Angela Tan was a 24-year old from Sydney who decided she did not actually want to get married and called off the wedding 3 months before it was supposed to take place. The $42,000 reception was turned into a women’s charity ball.

Angela’s wedding was scheduled for April 18 and she was excitedly looking forward to the romantic date when she realized that her fiancé is not the man for her. The couple got engaged in 2015 after being together for 8 years.

What changed Angela’s mind to break the engagement and call off the wedding? Not everything worked right for the couple. Last October, Angela decided to talk with her fiancée about her unhappiness. Things were going wrong. Angela’s fiancé wanted kids right away; something that Angela was not prepared for because she wanted to travel. Her fiancé wanted to save money. He wanted to continue working in Asia.

A couple in a relationship usually talks about some ideas although they do not consider them as too important; however, when you are engaged and preparing for marriage, some things become absolutely critical.

Angela’s fiancé agreed to put off the wedding until the situation turns for the better. Unfortunately, the situation did not change and they broke off the engagement on Christmas. It was heartbreaking for Angela and she did not know what to do until one of her colleagues told her to host a charity party instead of wasting $42,000.

Since their engagement, Angela and her fiancé started saving money. They have already spent AU$55,000 ($41,680) for their wedding preparations. Instead of a wedding at the chosen venue, a charity ball called “Something Borrowed” will be hosted to raise funds for Opportunity International Australia, an organization that lends small entrepreneurial capital to women in the developing countries. Angela’s former fiancé is supportive of the idea.

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