Worry Not Newbies- New Android Programing Training In Perth By Google And Udacity

Continuous learning is extremely important especially if you want to stay updated in today’s ever-changing world. Despite the fact that almost everything that you want to learn, can be learned through the continuously growing Internet, the best things can’t be learned overnight whether we like it or not. Now, not everyone is blessed with the skills and the patience needed to code, or in other words, to write a computer program using the various programming languages whether it’s the old school C++ or the forever complicated Java script. And nowadays, there’s the Android language which can be learned by undergoing the accredited Android programming training in Perth and in other cities in the world.


Just recently, Google has announced an accessible Android programing training in Perth and in the rest of the world through the Google Android Basics Nanodegree Class which has been made available through the online learning platform, Udacity. It’s the first of its kind which has been designed primarily by Google to give a chance to people who have no prior programing experience, understand the fundamentals of the Android programing language. This is a follow-up to Google’s recent announcement that it wants more people to be able code and program especially with the fast emergence of the Android platform for mobile devices. The said course will need 165 hours, or 4 hours a day for 42 days, to be completed. All of the individual courses that are included in the training program can be availed online and no need to pay a single penny. All courses have one primary objective: to teach students how to set-up the basic Android applications, both for mobile devices and, computers which are running on Android operating system. If you want to get more from the program, Udacity has paid services which include access to coaches, guidance on the project which you are working, helping you stay on track, career counselling and, you can even get certified upon your completion of the program. According to Google, the first 50 students who will be able to complete the said training program will be given full scholarship to continue to the next stage, the Career-Track Android Developer Nanodegree.