Yoga Class With Beer A New Trend In Bangkok

If you are a yoga enthusiast and loves beer at the same time, it is time to visit the beautiful city of Bangkok. Book a plan and get a hotel near Skytrain in order to go around the city faster and easier. From there you will be able to experience a yoga class in the capital of Thailand that is held every Saturday. This class will give you a chance to meditate while having a bottle of beer at the same time.

During one of the classes, around 90 students attended. They were taught how to maintain their balance while holding on to their drinks in either one or two hands. The goal is not to spill as much beer as they can but it will all depend on how drunk they are at that moment.

This is the usually set up at the Brew Yoga which is one of the latest trend that has come to the country. This is something that has been going viral since it started in March of this year.

According to the event organizer of Bangkok Brew Yoga, NipapornAudrach, she did not expect to have overwhelming feedback regarding the classes. She added that she did not expect that Thailand will welcome the Brew Yoga concept that she has brought to the city. Many citizens are now viewing the classes as one way to party while staying healthy at the same time.

The concept of Brew Yoga was inspired by the event that occurred in Berlin last 2015 calledBierYoga. The yoga instructors behind the concept are Jhula and Emily. They decided to combine beer and yoga since they love booth in a way to unwind as well as to improve their consciousness.

Nipaporn shared that unity is the main goal of yoga. When doing yoga, your mind is one with the mat you are using and this is what happens when beer and yoga are used as instruments as well.

If you are curious to try the trend, book your hotel near Skytrain and experience Brew Yoga for a ticker worth 650 baht only or US $27. The beer used during the classes is an imported bottle of lager.